HealthCloud Pvt. Ltd.

Hasikhushi” is providing regular health services to the people of the union by establishing “Hasikhushi Health Care Center” in Panchdona Union of Narsingdi. Physicians with a minimum MBBS degree provide medical advice to patients at this healthcare center. The organization also assists the patient and his family in making all medical decisions.

Health Care

> Health advice by qualified doctors (Minimum MBBS)

> Home sample collection facilities for lab tests

> Providing medicine at a lower cost

> Follow up of patients by telemedicine service (FREE OF COST)

> 24/7 emergency telemedicine service

> Health education and awareness program

> Referral to the appropriate health center (If required)

Membership Program

Key Features

Unlimited consultations with our doctors to help reduce the need for physical consultations by over 50%.

12 Free doctor consultations at “HASHIKHUSHI” center.

Saving up to 30% via discount in medicine & lab test through our health partners.

Telehealth Service

Get access to the best healthcare services from anywhere in the world. Avail the benefits of tele health and tele medicine with our specialized remote healthcare services.

What our clients says

My son struggled with illness during his school years – until we had a health checkup at hashikhushi. That has been the best decision we made, and his health condition is so good to a level we never thought possible!

― Ajharul Islam

My family has loved being at Hashikhushi for the last 5 months. The environment makes the difference and I’m so proud that we have Hashikhushi team in our village!

― Abdul Gofur Molla